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Duration: anything from 1-7 hours
Price: 90€ per hour

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Your application documents (narrative proposal, budget, Theory of Change, Logframe etc.) are an important step in your fundraising cycle. Often, they are the first (and many times only!) impression that the donor gets of your project or program and your organisation in general. It is therefore important that you really get this right.

What is a proposal writer?

A proposal writer assists you in writing your proposal documents. He/she either writes passages on his/her own or edits existing drafts.

Which sections are you normally writing?

We cover all sections of your proposal. This usually includes in a standard application: description of application and partners, problem statement, background, impact, outcome and outputs (or objectives and results), activities, sustainability, gender, environment, Value for Money, risk management, etc.

Which documents do we have to provide you with?

We need the application guidelines plus website link, the templates and all existing drafts. Additionally, other documents of your organisation are useful such as: mission statement, reference projects, financial guidelines (i.e. procurement, Value for Money), gender policies, social inclusion policies, environment, other existing proposals, etc.

Do you have experience in proposal writing?

Yes, we have been writing and reviewing proposals over 15 years (close to 1,000 proposals for over 200 organisations). We have experience with: USAID, EU, ECHO, other national agencies (i.e. ADA, BMZ, AFD), SDC, UN agencies (i.e. UNHCR, UNDP, UN Women), foundations (i.e. Oak Foundation, Porticus, Medicor etc.), various fund or banks (i.e. AfDB, OFID) and others (i.e. NGOs, business incubators or accelerators).

What is your success rate?

We are often asked this question but there is no standard figure that we can provide you with. The success of a proposal depends on so many other (external) factors except the application document (i.e. the competition, the total budget available of the donor, your organisational “fitness”, your ability to co-fund, your previous experience and presence in a particular sector or country, etc.).

Which sectors do you cover?

Our main expertise lies in the following sectors: agriculture and rural development, education, women and gender, economic development, humanitarian aid, human rights and governance, health, social inclusion, children and youth, environment and natural resources, energy.

Is there a limit to the pages of the proposal?

No, there is no limit. We can write proposals or concept notes of any length.

How long does the proposal writing normally take?

This usually depends on the scope of the work, but most our assignments may take on average: 1-3 working days for a concept note, 4-8 working days for a full proposal (remote) and up to 14 working days for a full proposal including a field trip to the country of implementation (on site).

Can you also travel to the country of implementation and carry out a needs assessment?

Yes, we have done that frequently in various countries (i.e. Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Thailand).

How much does a proposal writer cost?

The charges are 90€/hour or 720€/day incl. VAT.

Can you guarantee that you treat our documents confidential?

Yes, of course. We treat all your documents with 100% confidentiality, do not pass them on to any 3rd party and will never copy-paste proposal passages. If you wish, we are happy to sign a confidentiality agreement.

Any more questions?

We are happy to answer all your additional questions via email to office(a) or you can schedule a Skype call with us here.