Our Team

Though all three of us were born in Austria we have spent the majority of our adult lives living abroad working in development cooperation. Our common theme? We are flexible with time and space, curious for new people, cultures and places. After working together for an international NGO, our career paths led us into different directions: Silvia eventually moved to Zimbabwe to lead the country office of an NGO, Lisa finished her PhD with extended field research periods in the Bolivian Amazon and Ulrike was off to work for UNICEF in Nepal and later the European Commission in Brussels.

We always stayed in contact not least because in the meantime we had all become mothers and our children are close in age. Our TripleMinds network was then born in early 2013. It was simply time. And the only logical step forward as we wanted to create a consultancy that is firmly based on our own values, beliefs and approaches, and of course suitable for our lives as mothers, passionate travellers and dedicated development practitioners.


Silvia Weninger

Being a dedicated development practitioner with a strong business mind, Silvia has over 15 years experience in writing proposals and implementing projects from various donors such as the European Commission (EU), USAID, DFID, foundations, UN agencies etc. Silvia holds an MBA from the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration (Austria) and the University of Technology Sydney (Australia). She has lived and worked across Asia (Sri Lanka, India, Thailand etc.) and Africa (Zimbabwe, Kenya etc.). She takes her inspiration and creativity from nature in lower Austria, horse riding and outdoorsports.


Lisa Ringhofer

After various years in the development sector, Lisa will probably remain in this field for many more decades to come. As a practitioner, she loves reflecting, training and writing on prevailing development concerns with various publications in international peer-reviewed journals. Lisa holds university degrees in Tourism Management BA(hons), Development Studies (MA), Business Administration (MBA) and a PhD in Sociology/Social Ecology. Based in Vienna, she and her family are always happy to spend time in Latin America, preferably the tropical rainforest. Her book ‘Fishing, Foraging and Farming in the Bolivian Amazon: On a Local Society in Transition’ takes the reader on an adventurous trip to the indigenous Tsimane.


Ulrike Morrenth

Ulrike has substantial work experience in emergency preparedness and emergency response and relief. Her main areas of interest are social policy, gender mainstreaming, child protection, social exclusion, education and child well-being, social protection and advocacy. Ulrike holds university degrees in European Studies (Master of European Studies) and economics/languages (Master of Arts). She lives with her husband, their two sons, two daughters, and their Nepali dog in Steyr, Austria.

Global network

For certain assignments, we team up with individual experts and consultants from Austria and across the globe i.e. from specific sectors such as tourism or governance, or with local evaluators for specific country evaluation contexts.

Our Story

Our journey began more than 15 years ago when we were working for various NGOs, UN agencies and universities in the development and humanitarian sector. We were in charge of both applying for funds for our projects from various donors as well implementing them, guiding the local teams across the world in M&E and strategy development. Wonderful times to work on the ground with so many passionate people, see so many country offices grow and projects turning into real live-changing opportunities for thousands of people across the world. We are still very thankful for these experiences.

After becoming mothers and settling back in Austria we founded TripleMinds in 2013 driven by the passion to accompany NGOs and social businesses in what we had done ourselves successfully over 10 years: identifying the right donors and grant opportunities, approaching these donors with the right project idea, develop a win-win partnership over time, and evaluate on the ground to measure impact, compile lessons learned and share with stakeholders.

Looking back we are really proud of our achievements: we have built up a network of thousands of members and supporters of our online funding tool TripleFunds, have successfully accompanied many clients in securing funds for their projects, and have effectively raised over €50 million from a wide variety of government agencies, foundations, and institutional donors. What keeps us going and motivated is the wonderful relationship with and rewarding feedback from our clients.


We just love what we do. We see our work as our passion and commitment. And we care about each of our clients and their projects.


Thanks to all of you our TripleMinds network is growing – more than 5,000 people and organisations from across the globe have connected with us – as partners, clients and friends! A colourful mix of people from large and small organisations – all inspired by the passion for development and leaving a legacy on this wonderful planet that we all share!