Webinar 30 April 2020: How to Observe the Impact of Your Project?


Length: 1:00 hours
Trainer: Lisa Ringhofer
Includes: live webinar, audio recording, power point presentation, 1 month Mini access to TripleFunds

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This webinar will take participants through a wide range of participatory tools for assessing the impact of your project. We will start by looking at the whole spectrum of possible impact measurement methods and delve into some participatory methods from the PRA (Participatory Rural Appraisal) treasure box. Many of these can be used for monitoring and evaluating the changes of your project.

Venn diagrams, pair-wise ranking, scoring and spider diagrams – these are just some of the many participatory tools we will introduce in this webinar. Or have you ever heard about the Most Significant Change (MSC) technique? We will illustrate all these tools with real-world examples from our development project work.



  • Introduction and housekeeping
  • Presentation on impact measurement methods with practical examples – 45 minutes
  • Q&A session where you have the chance to get your individual questions answered – 15 minutes


The training will therefore help you to:

Understand why you should measure the impact of your projects
Increase your skills and knowledge on impact measurement tools
Apply the techniques across your own projects and programs
Avoid common pitfalls


What you get:

  • 1 live webinar session
  • templates for the tools that we present
  • 1 audio recording after the webinar in case you cannot attend
  • 1 month free access to our online funding database TripleFunds with over 4,000 grants and donors at the value of 39€ (Mini membership)


It is suitable for:

  • small and large NGOs (CBOs, grass roots, etc.)
  • local and international NGOs
  • social businesses
  • students and researchers
  • fundraisers
  • for both beginners and advanced levels
  • …anybody who is interested in impact measurement


How to book a seat:

  • You can pay online with credit card or PayPal here
  • You can send us an email to office(a)triple-minds.com in case you prefer bank transfer


If you have some questions, please email us at office(a)triple-minds.com.


You don´t have time or you are located in a different time zone? No problem – we are recording the webinar and the audio will be sent to you after the webinar as well as the power point presentation.