Donor mapping


Number of potential donors: up to 30
Additional: template for ranking donors and proposal submission workplan, follow-up video call

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Donor mapping is a very efficient way to broaden your donor base and increase your funding. You learn all about the donor´s thematic interest, application procedures and geographical focus. This will increase your chances to get funded significantly as the donor is a perfect match for your project and your organisation.

What is a donor mapping?

A donor mapping is a very targeted research process during which we identify 30 high potential donor matches for you based on your own individual criteria. This can either be done for a specific project, a program or your organisation in general. You can put the focus on certain donors (i.e. foundations only), donors from a certain region or country only (i.e. US based), sectors (i.e. agriculture, health, education etc.) or specific countries (i.e. single country, multi country or regional).

Which benefits does a mapping have for us?

A professional donor mapping helps you to broaden your donor base by identifying new and suitable donors for you. It will also save you time and resources by outsourcing this process to experts and by avoiding to send proposals to low prospect donors. As we carry out this research following a well established research methodology, it increases the chances that you get donors with a high potential for a suitable match with your organisation and projects.

Is the donor mapping done individually for us?

A donor mapping is done exclusively for you and we are not passing on this document to any other organisation. We are doing the research for each mapping from scratch. We do not use generic data.

How does it work?

  1. You tell us for which project/program/organisation you are looking for donor via our questionnaire
  2. We skype together to clearly understand your needs
  3. We carry out the research
  4. You receive a word document with up to 30 potential donors

Which donors do you cover?

In general, we offer to map: (1) governments: USAID, NORAD, DANIDA, BMZ, ADA, embassies and the European Commission funding programs (like EuropeAid, EACEA, ECHO), etc.; (2) Foundations: grant-giving large and small family, community and corporate foundations; (3) UN Agencies: UNDP, UN Women, UNFPA, UNICEF, UNHCR, UNESCO or UNOPS; (4) Funds: donor funds across the globe like the Women’s Fund Asia, the AGFUND, the Global Good Fund, the Maypole Fund; (5) (I)NGOs: (I)NGOs across the globe that also run grant programs for other development actors like Hivos, XPRIZE, Voice Global, OXFAM, Concern, Save the Children, or the Red Cross; (6) Business Incubators and specific accelerator programs and crowdfunding sources.

Which sources do you consult for the mapping?

We access our in-house database TripleFunds, additional databases (i.e. only for American foundations), foundation directories, annual reports of similar organisations, online research (keyword search) of any other sources that we are familiar with. We screen over 500,000 donors in total.

How does the donor mapping document look like?

The mapping document contains:

  • The methodology and approach applied for the mapping
  • A detailed list of up to 30 donors (see details in next question)
  • The funding cycle and the recommended next steps

Which details does the mapping contain about each donor?

  • Contact information: address, contact details
  • Background info: background information on the donor
  • Thematic focus: overview of their funding focus
  • Countries: listing of countries where they invest
  • Grant sizes: annual funding volume and individual grant sizes
  • Application procedure: information on application process and guidelines
  • Notes: special notes on suitability for your project/program if available

Can a donor mapping guarantee funding?

No. Nothing can guarantee funding. Winning a grant and getting a new donor on board depends on many other factors as well (i.e. does the donor have funding available at the time of submission, was the proposal good, was the networking done properly beforehand etc.).

How many pages does the mapping document have?

The mapping has 35-40 pages. Each donor is described on one page. The format is pdf.

Any more questions?

Please feel free to contact us at office(a) and we are happy to answer any questions that you might have on the donor mapping.

Visit our website for more details.